The ultimate guitar experience for beginners

Play, perform & learn with AR

It's your time to shine

Ever dreamt about playing guitar? Then this app is for you. Amped will not only make you feel like a rock star guitarist, but also inspire you to play more and develop real skills. By using AR, Amped modifies notes and chords in real-time, and creates an immersive experience when you play. Learning gets less painful, and you’ll have a blast playing.

Using Amped feels counterintuitive, even faintly sinful.

But here's the thing: it works. In fact, it's great.

Learn with Amped

Amped is not just a play & perform tool, but also a brilliant way to learn guitar.

It offers a full learning curriculum that covers everything from basic skills to advanced techniques. It’s all you need to master the guitar. You’ll get step-by-step guidance, adding one finger or skill at a time, so you always have the optimal conditions for your learning. Never too hard, and never too easy – just right for you.


The secret behind Amped is years of development. By using AR we can control the difficult parts in playing and turn each step of your learning into a smooth, rewarding and motivating experience. You'll have a great playing experience even if you're brand new at guitar. All lessons are developed by expert teachers.


Get Amped & get going




Use any guitar


Amped shows you what to play and listens to your guitar

A new guitar sound is created in real-time that you only hear through your loudspeaker or headphones


Play & perform like

a rock star guitarist

 Learn & develop real skills while having a blast

Why Amped?

Here's a sad reality – 67% of the population wants to start learning an instrument, but very few will ever try, and of those who do 9 out of 10 quit within the first year. Learning to play has always been hard. Amped addresses this issue by using AR. This makes learning less painful, and users have a blast playing. Simply put, we inspire people to play guitar by making them feel like rock stars while they develop real skills. Amped is aimed at everyone that has ever dreamt about playing guitar. Now you can.


Enjoy and good luck!


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