Feel like a pro guitarist

while you learn

Discover your innate guitarist & feel like a pro.

Then learn at your own pace.

Using Amped feels counterintuitive, even faintly sinful.

But here's the thing: it works. In fact, it's great.

Beginner in guitar?

Perfect. We've been waiting for you.




Use any guitar


Amped shows you what to play and listens to your guitar

A new guitar sound is created in real-time that you only hear in your headphones


It's an effective way to learn

You will feel like a pro guitarist while you learn

Guitar Learning. Solved.

About us

Why are we doing this? 9 out of 10 people that try to learn guitar with traditional methods quit within the first year. Most actually quit within the first few months. Learning is simply too challenging - leaving individual dreams, creative minds, and industry potential out of reach.


We are a small team of music teachers, technologists, designers and music lovers set on a mission to create engaging and painless solutions for learning musical instruments. We do so by using AR to control the level of challenge and motivation in learning. This has redesigned the way we learn guitar, and created new learning experience superior to any other.


Amped is guitar learning redesigned and solved.


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